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First impressions are everything, so if you're shy by nature, you need to break out of your shell if you're trying to impress someone. 第一印象非常重要,所以假如你天性内向害羞,你必须打破桎梏,那样才能给别人留下深刻的印象。

  This is extremely crucial during a job interview and in fact, shy people need to "express a high level of self-confidence" even more so than extroverts. People, in general, are programmed to get information mostly through the eyes rather than the ears. Therefore, when your body language isn't in sync with what you say, the interviewer will be influenced more by the body language。在面试中这尤为重要。事实上,内向的人比起外向的人更应该表现出高度的自信。通常而言,人们更多地通过视觉而非听觉来获取信息,因此,假如你的肢体语言和你所说的话不一致,面试官更多地会被你的肢体语言所影响。

  No matter how uncomfortable it is for you to warm up to people immediately, you need to overcome these feelings in order to give off the right message to your interviewer. Here are some things shy candidates should keep in mind when interviewing for a job:不论那对你来说有多困难,你都必须克服害羞的感觉,迅速去和人们熟悉起来。那样你才能向面试官传递正确的信息。以下是为那些害羞的求职者提供的一些建议:

  1. Check out the place ahead of time1.提前踩点。

  There's an advantage to getting to the reception area early. You'll get a sense of the company's personality. Sit comfortably and unwind there. With the extra time, you'll also be able to relax and gather your thoughts before you meet the interviewer. 提早到达面试地点将会是很大的优势。你会对公司的特点有大概的了解。舒适而放松地在那儿坐一会儿吧。在提早的那段时间里,你可以放松一下,同时对即将面临的面试做好思想准备。

  2. Imagine yourself succeeding2.想象自己成功了。

  Walk as if you belong there,. If you look like you belong at the company, it will make it easier for everyone else to imagine you working there。随便走走,就好像你已经属于那家公司了一样。假如你看上去就像属于那家公司了一样,别人也会更容易想象你已经在那儿工作了的样子。

  Picture yourself walking into the interviewer's room standing tall, shoulders back, balanced, striding confidently with your hands swinging comfortably at your side, and smiling。想象你这样走进面试官的办公室:你身板站直、肩膀舒展、身体平衡、步调自信、双手随意在两侧摆动,同时面带微笑。

  3. Make eye contact3.做好眼神交流

  Appropriate eye contact is one way to build trust when you initially meet someone. You should look someone straight in the eyes, but obviously, don't stare at them。恰当的眼神交流是在初次见面时在双方之间建立信任的手段之一。你应该直视对方的眼睛,当然,不要盯着对方。

  You'll want to make eye contact all the way through the interview. Nervous job candidates instantly reveal their unease if they’re uncomfortable making eye contact. Interviewers may conclude that someone who has trouble meeting their eyes dislikes them, is fearful of responsibility, or won’t relate to co-workers and customers. 在面试全程中,你都需要和对方进行眼神交流。假如一个紧张的求职者不敢于进行眼神交流,那会不断地暴露出他的紧张情绪。面试官会认为那些不敢和他眼神交流的人不喜欢他、害怕责任,或者将来也不能与同事和顾客很好地建立关系。

  4. Sit up straight4.坐姿要笔直

  If you're offered a choice of seats, choose a hardback chair rather than a sofa where you'll sink down and find it harder to project authority。假如你可以自行选择坐的地方,选个硬靠背的椅子,别选择沙发。否则你会沉在沙发里,难以表现严谨的形象。

  You should sit comfortably erect with your feet planted on the floor and leaning slightly forward. Sit close enough so you can communicate easily but not so close that you’re invading the other person's space。你应该笔直而又舒适地坐着,让你的脚平放在地上,身体轻微向前倾。稍微坐近一点以便于更好地交流,但不要坐得太近,那样会显得对别人的个人空间充满侵略性。

  5. Don't play with your hands too much5.不要过多摆弄你的手。

  Avoid touching your face, hair or jewelry, or fussing with your briefcase. Keep any papers you want to show in your briefcase until it’s time to take them out。避免触摸你的脸、头发和首饰,也不要翻动你的公文包。除非到了该拿出来的时候,你应该把所有你要展示的文件都留在公文包里。